HelmutHK - Housekeeper

As its name suggests, HelmutHousekeeper is there to clean up for you! This component starts its work at a downstream part of the post-production process where many software solutions stop. In order to 'tidy up' in a sensible way once a project has been completed, HelmutHK uses data from HelmutCosmo and performs the actions that have been individually defined in Helmut's 'Streams Engine'. This means that projects and project-related assets can be consolidated, archived, deleted or even restored as required. All of this happens across all projects and can be performed manually or automatically (i.e. scheduled). Optionally, HelmutHK can also distribute these tasks across HelmutIO's render nodes in setups where both products work in tandem.

Archive. Automate. Distribute.

HelmutHousekeeper benefits admins, super-users and material managers by making it far easier to archive projects, for example. Thanks to HelmutHK, you can access all project-related assets. This lets you see which projects the assets have been used in, how long they were used for (e.g. to calculate GEMA fees), whether they are still needed or can be archived, and many other details. During archiving, HelmutHK automatically creates a backup copy that is only deleted once the entire asset has arrived in the archive. In this way, HelmutHousekeeper doesn't just keep your files in order – it also keeps them safe and secure.

Here you find our HelmutHK user guide as pdf



The editing is finalized? Housekeeper enables you to manage project- or sequence-related assets with only one click. And before you define exaclty what should happen with each asset.

Watch the progress.

Active Housekeeper tasks are visible within the project overview in HelmutFX. So each user is able to get an update on every projects' status.

Batch me if you can.

HelmutHK is able to process multiple projects at the same time. By defining filters it is easy to find certain tasks and start them by clicking just one button.

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